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Richard Turnbull, Owner of UK2U, grew up in and around Yorkshire, England. At an early age, Richard showed interest and talent for spinning records and hosting parties. He built this interest into a successful DJ business in the UK. But that’s only part of the story…

In the 80’s, Richard and his family at the time, left the UK for a farmhouse in Tuscany, Italy. Richard continued to manage his DJ business in the UK, while learning Italian and tending to his olive farm and family in Tuscany. In addition, Richard obtained a bit of notoriety from the UK TV series, “No Going Back.” So, sounds good so far....

Now Richard turns his sights on Georgia (with his new family), and wants to bring his experience and expertise to YOU!

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And that’s the history of UK2U!

(Don’t forget, you LOVE the accent…)

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’52 Chevy Available For Hire

Yesterday we took delivery of our new baby!! If you see me round town please wave, say ‘Hi’, (and give me some money for gas for the next mile!!). It’s a ’52 Chevy with a ’94 Buick inside (I’ve no idea what that means but,) it looks and sounds FABULOUS!! Will be using it for business and also hope to hire it out for photo shoots, so if you’re looking for a stunning ‘prop’ for your Family photos, school events, weddings or promotions and not to forget ‘Fall Festivals’ and Halloween are just around the corner, please get in touch. I have some fun ideas for him (could be a ‘her’ – not sure how you check a car???) so will keep you posted on ‘it’s’ development 🙂 If you spot us out and about please feel free to share your pics.

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