Music Ideas

Every Party and Event is as unique as the people attending !!

Therefore, rather than offering a pre-chosen playlist, it makes for a much livelier and more personal experience having the DJ tailor the music to the guests tastes and satisfy as many as possible.

In a world where (nearly) everyone carries their favorite songs with them on their smartphone, in the unlikely event that we don’t have your requested song, we can simply play it through our system straight from your phone!!

Smartphone 1

We are always happy to play requests from your guests on the day and if you would like to choose some of your favorite tracks before the day then we will ensure that as many as possible get played.

As an aide to helping you choose any requests you may have, below is a selection of popular songs for different ages and events.


2015 Top 20 Songs


Wedding songs

50’s – Present by Decade

50's - 2000's

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